Global Travel Professional™ (GTP)


Global Travel Professional™ (GTP) Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Global Travel Professional (GTP) Certification Program?
The GTP is designed to elevate professional standards and recognize individuals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the practice of the business travel professional. The GTP provides employers with a tool to identify skilled, knowledgeable professionals.

Why should I obtain the GTP Certification?
The GTP encourages professional growth in the field of business travel management. The GTP Certification will demonstrate your commitment to your career, peers, supervisors, and the public.

What are the qualifications for becoming GTP Certified?
GTP Certification requires the candidates to meet all eligibility requirements. Applicants must demonstrate a minimum of three years business travel related experience. Business travel related experience is defined as time spent buying or selling business travel services.

What does the application process consist of?
Applicants must register for the GTP and complete the verification form.

Where can I find the GTP Application?
GTP applications are located at Application

When will I know that I am eligible to take the examination?
Once approved, GBTA will send an authorization to test e-mail confirming eligibility status and additional information about the examination and testing site.

How do I prepare for the GTP examination?
How do I prepare for the GTP Examination? The test content outline represents the body of knowledge for the GTP Examination. The GTP test content outline is based on a job analysis survey of knowledge and skills needed for business travel professionals. The four domains identify the major knowledge base areas included in the examination.

The domains are Strategic Business Planning, Buyer/Supplier Relations, Travel Program Administration, and Data/Analytics/Finance. For the full test content outline go to

Applicants are strongly encouraged to refer to the test content outline for details regarding the level of skill and knowledge required to earn the GTP Certification. The information in the domains will help determine your areas of strength and weakness. The test content outline as well as resources can be found in the Candidate Handbook.

What is the examination format?
The GTP examination is comprised of 125 multiple choice questions. Each question has four possible answers. There is not more than one answer to each question.

Once I become certified, how do I maintain my certification?
GTP Certification holders will be required to recertify every three years by earning 50 recertification credits, paying the recertification fee, and signing continued adherence to the GTP code of Professional Conduct.

For additional information on recertification, please go here.


The Global Leadership Professional™ (GLP) Program

In partnership with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the Academy’s GLP Program is the only masters-level course for travel professionals. The strategic curriculum uses an interdisciplinary approach that addresses both the opportunities and challenges of conducting business in today’s environment.

The Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Program consists of a Certificate of Professional Development as well as a Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Designation.


Certificate of Professional Development

Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Designation


The Certificate of Professional Development is obtained by successfully completing one 5-day session and three 2-day sessions within twenty-four months, including at least one session in three of the four main competencies:



The Certificate of Professional Development is a prerequisite for the Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Designation.


The Global Leadership Professional® Designation consists of several components, beginning with a 2-day on-site session with Wharton Professors. During this session, work groups will be formed and industry related projects will be assigned. Over the following 9 months participants will receive additional instruction from the professors via three web-based virtual classrooms, as well as working independently and within their groups via email and conference calls. There will be a final 1-day on-site session during which the participants will finalize their projects and presentations for delivery to their industry peers at the GBTA Convention.


The Certificate of Professional Development is required before beginning the GLP Designation program.