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Member Application

Responsibilities of all members
GBTA Austin Chapter enthusiastically welcomes members as part of our chapter to participate in educational programs and seminars; network with fellow industry colleagues; and volunteer for committee and leadership roles.  While part of the GBTA Austin Chapter, members are expected to adhere to our Code of Ethics and Conduct as stated below.  Members must accept responsibility for the consequences of their activities and make every effort to ensure that their decisions, recommendations and actions, serve and satisfy the organization.

Our Standards

  • Give first consideration to the objectives and policies of our organization.
  • Respect the privacy of buyers by not soliciting for their business during GBTA Austin Chapter events, some buyers finds this practice intrusive.
  • While networking is encouraged during events, be considerate and conduct business at a time that is scheduled at the prospective client’s convenience.
  • Conduct business with potential and current clients in an atmosphere of good faith, devoid of intentional misrepresentations.
  • Foster fair, ethical and legal trade practices.
  • Treat your client’s transactions confidentially and not disclose any information without permission of the client, unless required by law.
  • Counsel and cooperate with members and promote a spirit of unity and a keen interest in professional and personal growth.

Any member found to be in violation of any provision of the Code of Ethics & Conduct may have his or her Association membership suspended or revoked. 

  I have read and acknowledge the GBTA Austin Chapter Member code of Ethics & Conduct